Other Services

Other Services

Other services we can offer include:

Swimming pools

A Swimming pool is a fantastic addition to any house, but when you’re living in the Languedoc it is a must. All our pools are built specically for you in both size and depth. They are all in ground pools that are either tiled or built with a liner, that come with a 20 year guarantee for you to enjoy on one of the 300 days of sunshine a year we have here in the Languedoc.

Currency exchange

Transferring money abroad can be a headache and very costly, especially if you transfer money through your bank. We have worked with our currency brokers for many years, and they will give you better rates of transfer than you will see in the high street, saving you a lot of money.


Getting a Mortgage in France is as easy as getting one in the UK, but with better interest rates. Our Partners at BNP Paribas not only lend against the purchase of existing houses but also the construction of new houses too.

Legal advice

Buying a house in France is a very simple process and is conducted by our local Notaries, but as my father always said ‘If you’re spending your life savings then have someone to look after your back’. Bright Avocats are English speaking French solicitors based in Toulouse, who can make sure that not only the sale of your property goes through smoothly, but can also advise you on other issues such as inheritance etc.