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Choose your plotVillas in Languedoc was formed with the intention of providing clients with newly built Dream Villas with 10 year guarantees and little or no maintenance at a cost effective price.

We operate as Project Developers i.e. we want to help you our Clients to achieve your dream villa in the South of France as economically and as stress free as possible (We can still deliver a beautiful new villa with pool standing in about half an acre for less than half the equivalent in England).

In order to do this we need to be able to stand in our Client’s shoes, which means we do not want to have any interest other than theirs regarding which land is purchased, or builders employed. All contracts, therefore, are directly between the Client, the Landowners and the Builders.

We maintain a comprehensive data base of plots of land within an area stretching from roughly From Carcassonne in the west to Beziers in the east covering the Minervois and the Corbieres in  region of lakes and rivers about 20 minutes from the Mediterranean coast.

We operate from two locations. Our Head Office is located in Uckfiield, East Sussex. Our other office is located in Roubia, Languedoc.

To find out more please read our the Buying process page.