5 steps to your new home, here’s how:

  1. Talk to Villas in Languedoc.

    Villa Let us show you just what your money can buy in the southof France: you’ll be amazed! We have a team of experienced architects and designers ready to create the home of your dreams, as they’ve done for hundreds of happy clients in the past.

    Not only that, but you’ll be dealing with a UK company with over 23 years’ experience, a dedicated French office and permanent staff based in France. Who better than Villas in Languedoc to explain and guide you through the whole process?

  2. Location, location, location

    VillaEverything begins with finding your dream plot. Because of our local knowledge and connections, we know about all the good available land – often before anyone else.

    After our initial meeting we will have a thorough understanding of your requirements, and be ready to show you some potential plots. All our plots are in prime locations, taking advantage of the Languedoc’s outstanding views. But there’s no substitute for seeing the area in person – which is why we encourage an inspection visit. We guarantee that’s when you’ll really get excited!

  3. Choose your villa

    VillaYou’ve seen the view you wantfrom the terrace, you’ve got your plot of land. Now for the villa itself. The architecture must conform to the style of the region, but the possibilities are endless. We have dozens of designs to choose from, and any of them can be adapted to suit your requirements. This is going to be your home, built to your specifications.

    At this stage we produce a detailed model and plans of the entire build, with a schedule of proposed works. Once this is approved by both yourself and the construction team, it’s all systems go.

  4. Watch it go up

    VillaVillas in Languedoc work with a number of reputable builders, all local, and most have worked with us for many years. We can show you actual villas they have built and provide testimonials from previous clients. Our resident Directors will supervise construction at every stage. Naturally, you are welcome to come out and visit at any time during the course of construction,but you don’t have to – the selection of items such as bathroom or kitchen fittings can all be done remotely. We will handle all communication on your behalf and keep you informed as to how it’s progressing.

  5. Welcome to your dream!

    VillaBeing established in the region for so many years, Villas in Languedoc have the expertise to build the the villa of your dreams. Plus, throughout the whole process we are independent of all suppliers and contractors, which means we represent your interests alone.

    When your villa is completed to approved specifications, it’s ready for you to move in. And that’s it – a brand new, bespoke home in a sunny, unspoilt region of France is now yours.